Sansha Stage Tutu Sabrina - TF1801 Child

Sansha Stage Tutu Sabrina - TF1801 Child


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This stage tutu for children is made of chiffon and has attached bodice. Professional closure on the back, easily adjustable. Flexible and strong hoop.

SIZE B 2-4 YRS - CR=14`, CH=9`, HIP=8`
SIZE C 4-6 YRS - CR=14.5`, CH 9.5`, HIP=8`
SIZE D 6-8 YRS - CR=16`, CH=11`, HIP=10`
SIZE E 8-10 YRS - CR=17`, CH=12`, HIP=10`
SIZE F 10-12 YRS - CR=17`, CH=12.5, HIP=10.5`
SIZE G 12-14 YRS - CR=18.5`, CH=13.5`, HIP=10.5`
SIZE H 14-16 YRS - CR=20`, CH=13.5`, HIP=13`
SIZE I 16-18 YRS - CR=20`, CH=14`, HIP=13.5`

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